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Backpackers’ Ultra Food

by Cinny Green

Dehydrate your own lightweight, tasty, nutrituous power meals!

Price: $16.95 + .50 handling
Spot illustrations, Recipes, References, Notes, Index Available Summer 2013 Western Edge Press distributed by Mountain Press or order directly from the publisher Foreign rights: Nigel Wentworth

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Backpackers’ Ultra Food


On the Trail
The Body and Backpacking
The Lightweight Camp Kitchen
Ultra Foods for Backpackers
Ultra Meals for the Trail
Backpackers’ Pantry
Trail Snacks
Backcountry Breakfasts
Backcountry Lunches
Backcountry Dinners
Delectable Desserts
Packaging Food for a Hike
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Trail Writer's Guide

by Cinny Green
illustrations by Maureen Burdock

Price: $16.95 + .50 handling
ISBN: 1-978-1-889921-50-1

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Trail Writer's Guide

Write in the Wilderness,
or the Wilderness of Your Imagination

The beautifully illustrated Trail Writers Guide links elements of writing to your moments of inspiration crossing forest paths, mountain creeks, or alpine tundra.

These Writer's Trails lead to:

Myths and more...




We Became As Mountains

Poems of the Pueblo Conquest


Item #: 1088   Price: $14.95 + .50 handling
ISBN: 978-1-889921-22-8
Pages: 96   Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

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..a tour de force
of narrative poetry.
In the tradition of Stephen Vincent Benet
and Derek Walcott, Nancy Wood tells
the story of the Pueblo Indians from the time of creation to the building of the first atomic
bomb. Influenced by thirty years of listening
to the stories of tribal elders, Wood's
searing language and impeccable structure
present a highly charged account of pain and triumph, of loss and survival.



Brujas, Bultos, Y Brasas:
Tales Of the Witchcraft and the Supernatural in the Pecos Valley

by Nasario Garcia


"As a child I heard many of these cuentos about witches... Some  were scary enough to make us behave.  This book not only entertains, it helps preserve a very important element of Nuevo Mexican culture."

- Rudolpho A. Anaya, Bless Me, Ultima

$16.95 + .50 handling
232 Pages
5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
35 b/w photos,
Spanish/English, witchcraft glossary,
ISBN 1-889921-03-3

Hispanic Woman
of the Rio Puerco Valley

Collected and edited by Nasario Garcia

Preface by Demetria Martinez

A celebration of a generation of women and their contribution to New Mexican  history and culture.  Twelve women pay tribute to Hispana experiences during the first decades of statehood.  Branding cows. birthing children, washing sheets, and building walls.  The hands of these women shaped the world in which they lived; their stories make an ongoing legacy of culture and life ways.

"caution is advised.  If you are English-speaking, an overwhelming desire to learn Spanish will consume you."  - Pat Quade, Denver Westerners Roundup

$17.95 + .50 handling
260 Pages
5-1/2" x 8-1/2",
25  photos, Spanish/English, 
ISBN 1-889921-15-7


Hunting Sacred - Everything Listens:
A Pueblo Indian Man's Oral Tradition Legacy

By Larry Littlebird

"Thirty-five years ago Larry Littlebird let me hear a song, a singing of being, seeing and healing.  It stayed wit me ever after.  Now here he is sharing it!  These songs and tellings, this little teaching book, deceptive in it's slimness and grace, tells of how to be, in the deepest ways."

- Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet and Essayist

$10.95 + .50 handling
128 Pages,  5-3/8" x 8"
 Illustrated, ISBN 1-889921-11-4

Healing Herbs of the Upper Rio Grande: Traditional Medicine of the Southwest
By L.M.S. Curtin.
Revised by Michael Moore

This book is the seminal work on traditional home remedies of the Southwest. Beautifully illustrated by Mimi Kamp.

"...considered a bible among many Curanderas..."
Book Talk

$14.95 + .50 handling
248 Pages, 5-1/2" x 8- 1/4"
93 drawings, ISBN 1-889921-01-7


Saints and Saintmakers
of New Mexico

By E. Boyd
Revised by Robin Farwell Gavin

A thorough-going charmer for anyone delighted with santos and interested in tracing the development of our knowledge of the Hispanic art of the colonial period.

-Center for Latin American Ar and Archeology, Denver Art Museum"

$24.95 + .50 handling
paper, 144 Pages text,  7" x 10"
 24  pages in color
 ISBN 1-889921-02-5

Reflections in the
Lizard's Eye: 

Notes from the High Desert

By John Brandi

Brandi has reached into his soul and extracted some wondrous and pertinent truths about our high desert.  Acquire the book and accompany him on an indelible tour.
-Max Evans, The Rounders & The Hi Lo Countr

$14.95, 208 Pages + .50 handling
5-3/8" x 8"
 6 b/w  photos
 ISBN 1-889921-08-4


Warrior, Shield, and Star: 
Imagery and Ideology of Pueblo Warfare
By Polly Schaafsma

"...demolishes the 'peaceful farmer' model of the Pueblos and the idea that Pueblo Indians developed in isolation from the Mesoamerica...a significant contribution to the literature of the Southwest...An excellent book, well focused and tightly written."

--Carroll L. Riley, Origins of Civilization

$24.95 + .50 handling
216 Pages, 7" x  10",  180 b/w  photos,
22 color photos, 
16 drawings and maps
ISBN 1-889921-06-8

Augustus W. Dunbier 
Paint for the Love of Color

Lonnie Pierson Dunbier
Marcia Kmack

Augustus Dunbier, one of the Midwest's best-known artists in the early to mid-twentieth century, was the first Nebraska-born painter to earn his living solely from his art. Lonnie Pierson Dunbier and Marcia Kmack detail the life story of this colorist and impressionist painter, from his early artistic development to his travels in search of vivid landscapes.
Dunbier's assertive, contrasting colors and bold brushwork captured the intangible features of season, temperature, and weather. Dunbier frequently traveled across North America, painting the mountains of Montana and Colorado, the coasts and harbors of Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, and Alaska, and the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona.

$24.95 + .50 handling
88 pages, 10 x 8-1/2,
107 color plates, 15 b&w photos
ISBN 1-889921-09-2


Out of the West
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
By Suzan Campbell, PhD

In 2002 the Gund Family gave their collection to the Eiteljorg Museum. The collection contributes a handsome addition to artistic portrayals of the American West, and also serves as a lasting tribute to the passion, connoisseurship and generosity of the George Gund Family.
The book presents the entire Gund collection of Western art in beautiful, full color illustrations and colorful biographies of the featured artists including: Thomas Moran, Friedric Remington, Charles Russell, Charles Bird King, Alfred Jacob Miller, Frank Tenney Johnson and others.
About the Author:
Suzan Campbell is the Gund Curator of Western Art, History and Culture for the Eiteljorg Museum of  American Indians and Western Art.
Suzan is the author of other books including: The American West, People Places and Ideas and Taos Artists and their Patron

$34.95 + .50 handling
10 1/2 x 8
ISBN 1-889921-21-1

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